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View Diary: Sen. Merkley Calls Out Opponents of Health Care Reform (293 comments)

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    Our party and its leaders need to tend to our house.  The President continues to reference the Republicans when he speaks about HCR obstruction.  The Republicans do not have the numbers to stop HCR.  It is the blue dog caucus in the House and corp dogs in the Senate that are blocking the legislation.  

    The blue dogs in the House are working hand-in-hand with Republicans to slow and eventually cripple or kill any HCR.  If our party had their own members under control then we would not be in the position we are in now.  The leaders of our own party need to be willing to call out these obstructionists by name rather then blaming the powerless GOP or vaguely attacking the nefarious forces blocking this reform.

    The politicians in Washington that are truly looking to better the lives of ALL Americans need to be able to recognize when other politicians, even members of our own party, are no longer working with them in good faith.  When it is clear that Baucus, Conrad, or any number of blue dogs are lying to tthem and the rest of the country, then they should be shamed and marginalized.  We continue to treat them with respect and deference that their deeds do not warrant.

    President Obama daily praises the dedication and patriotism of these traitors while they do their best to ruin this country for their short term material gain.

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