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    Fiscal responsibility. Admittedly not the flashiest issue, but one we can easily frame and own. Democrats can balance the budget and stop increasing taxes on your kids and grandkids (not to mention your own property taxes, among other things), Republicans can't.
    •  Re: 2004: Marketing Our Arguments (none)
      Agreed.  I commented on this in an earlier thread yesterday(?). I was talking to a Republican colleague as to why he would probably vote for Bush.  He immediately said because of the economy; that is, he didn't trust the Dems to handle it.  I pointed out that it was Reagan who got the ball rolling with deficit spending, and Shrub who has rendered it an art.  He faltered, then said the Dems need to do a much better job of getting their fiscal story out because folks like him (educated, culturally sane) are ready to vote democratic if someone gives them a positive reason.

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