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  •  "Thrifty gene" sounds positively New England! (3+ / 0-)
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    RunawayRose, Albatross, Brimi
    •  It may be our microbes, not our genes (4+ / 0-)
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      RunawayRose, Wee Mama, Albatross, Brimi

      The types of microbes in our gut are a major factor. The microbes in our gut may help us be more efficient in the use of our food, compared with microbes in the guts of people less efficient in the use of food.

      •  frankly, I think it has to do with genetic origin (4+ / 0-)

        My ancestors all came from very very northern Scandinavia (i.e. the Arctic Kvenland.)  As you might imagine, there are long cold winters there, and the Kvens of northern Finland spent all summer fishing and gorging and trading, and all winter burning up their fat keeping warm and eating their stored fish and - losing weight in the course of so doing.  It is now coming clear in the latest research on brown and white fat that brown fat - the "calorie burning" fat is noticeably less evident in the bodies of obese people whereas thin people have more brown fat.  It may not be that fat people "lost" their brown fat in the course of their lives but never had much of it to begin with.  And this would go to genetics.  White fat is stored, and brown fat causes fat burning and "higher metabolism."

        I have had my metabolic and thyroid levels checked and they were all "perfectly normal."  So no excuses there.  But I know I use a lot less calories than the person next to me because I have lived with other people - thin people - for years and they watch what I eat and how much and it stuns them.

        DailyKos: the "Free Ice Cream for Everybody" crowd!

        by louisev on Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 09:22:19 AM PDT

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        •  Look at the data (1+ / 0-)
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          Those groups that are most likely to be obese in the USA are those from warm, tropical 3rd world countries or groups. I think Scandinavians, in Scandinavia, are less likely to be obese than Americans, and certainly Americans from tropical countries.

          I'm not saying that genetics are not a factor, but, IMO, genetics are not the primary factors.   On the other hand, the microbes we carry have been shown to affect our weight.  The research is just beginning, and already the adenovirus serotype 36 has been linked with human obesity.

          The environment in the womb also plays a major role.

          •  except that there is a flaw in that (5+ / 0-)

            Groups most likely to be obese in the USA are the underprivileged because they can't afford the expensive, low-fat, high-quality produce offered to the wealthy, and looky there - how many of them come from warm, tropical, third-world countries!

            And whenever you measure the US against a country that has socialism and universal health care you cannot, cannot compare - they actually have active prevention programs, public education that includes health and fitness, and they do not put public stigmas on the obese.  One of the things I loved about living in Europe was that I was never criticized nor condemned by any European, adult or child, for my weight, and yet once I got back on the Army base I would routinely get jeered by children in the company of their parents.  There is something about the shame culture in this country that just doesn't exist er... elsewhere.

            DailyKos: the "Free Ice Cream for Everybody" crowd!

            by louisev on Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 11:08:10 AM PDT

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