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    the voices won't necessarily disappear. Froomkin and Vargas were hired by the Huffington Post. I think if the New York Times dropped Krugman, he could start his own site and probably make a living off of it, combined with books. Or he'd co-blog with someone like Robert Reich and make a go of it (an economic writers cooperative)!

    I think what gets overlooked is that what is admittedly a traumatic time for some in journalism could end up being a liberating and innovative experience for some of the best. There are a lot of new models of reporting springing up -- co-ops between citizens and professionals, hyper-local reporting online, non-profit models and the (already old-fashioned) blog.

    As citizens, we need to preserve the best of information-gathering and analysis skills, wherever they come from, whomever they belong to ("experts" or "professionals" or just "very informed and engaged citizen").

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