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View Diary: Health Reform Capitulation Will End SCHIP? (178 comments)

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  •  I wont have a problem with this IF (0+ / 0-)

    they roll it into the health care reform bill so instead of having a separate program it is now part of the whole reform.

    But if removing the program causes any child to loose health care or get less then it should stay.

    My worries about all of this deal making is that dems are giving up way too much stuff that we want and throwing away things that we already having to just get 1-2 republican senators on board.

    We shouldnt give an inch to republicans unless some of them jump on board to vote for it at the end. I don't mind making a few concessions if people come on board and vote for it but I find it fairly stupid to give republicans what they want when they wont even vote for it.

    If we give in and they still vote no they can go back to their states and take credit that they brought this legislation to the people when they never voted for it.

    •  Last I looked we had 60 Dem votes yet Reid (3+ / 0-)
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      ferg, DelRPCV, Jesterfox

      and company are acting as if we have only 50 Dem senators and are desparately trying to get the 51st vote by begging to give a couple of irrelevant Senators from Maine whatever they want (oh and whatever the health insurance industry wants, which is delivering 50 million uninsured Americans into the CURRENT crappy health insurance we have and making them pay the premiums or having the govt subsidize the same).  This is Medicare part D all over again folks.  Time to get progressives together and just kill health "reform" NOW and let the chips fall where they may in 2010.  It is NOT worth it to go forward with this crap

    •  Chuck Grassley wrote the bill (0+ / 0-)

      Somehow, I don't think a Senator representing an insurance town (Des Moines) wrote this with children's interests being at the top of his worry list.

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