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  •  I've been considering a diary on this topic (2+ / 0-)
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    penguins4peace, sgoya

    Too many Americans have internalized the idea that they have succeeded because they followed the rules. They studied in school, got into the right college, worked hard, got a good job, and now their success is a reward for that work. But the truth is that success depends on a lot of unexamined factors like the support system a child grows up within and their socioeconomic background. Unless and until something happens which points out the reality of all that luck to them they are full of judgment towards people who haven't succeeded.

    I suspect that much of the fear behind it all is fostered in the early years of public schooling where we are all socialized to conform.

    •  Please write that diary and let's (2+ / 0-)
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      Renee, penguins4peace

      start a discussion.  I have been concerned about the insidious ways society sabotages its own goals for a world-class education system.  I have been investigating, but the more participants the better.  Please copy this comment to the parent blog, School Crossing (link in diary).  Maybe we can generate discussion from another segment of society.

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