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  •  What scientific evidence? (0+ / 0-)

    Annectdotes are not evidence.

    Here since I don't feel like reinventing the wheel is a nice bit of debunking.


    The problem I have with both Malcolm and his freakonomics buddy are that they try to reduce highly complex issues down to a single data point and the universe simply does not work way.

    They are pop culture snake oil salesmen and I see their books as the sociological equivelent of fad diets you know the ones that say you can lose weight by eating one particular food and that you don't have to worry about little things like exercize or number of calories.

    The fact that some of his conclusions happen to reinforce aspects of my ideology does not grant automatic credibility to his meathods.

    •  Read the book. (0+ / 0-)

      Gladwell cites several scientific studies in his work.  He cites individual stories that share the gist of those studies, but his background is as a science reporter.  I've read the debunkers, and not one of them has scientific evidence to back their claims.  They just don't like his conclusions.

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