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    ... Congress has to start taking this seriously.  

    Lyme is all over the place here in northern CA, and we don't get the  colder weather to knock back the tick populations in winter-  it's the usual summer blast furnace and drought that controls them.  If it starts raining here in the summer, that could spread the risk even more.  I've lived in a high tick area in the southern midwest and it is disgusting how many ticks one can pick up doing any sort of outdoor summer activity-  when I did distance competition with the equines almost 20 years ago and we'd train, the ritual/ to get the ticks off of both of us after going thru some local trails was like something out of a horror movie.

    Now we have more deer (and other wildlife) moving into my immediate area because of pressure from developments. They carry ticks, and I'm starting to see more of them on the dogs, even tho we pick them off and use the various dog insecticides.  I got one off the dog this am.

    "Toads of Glory, slugs of joy... as he trotted down the path before a dragon ate him"-Alex Hall/ Stop McClintock

    by AmericanRiverCanyon on Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 11:10:36 PM PDT

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