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    The Civil War saved the union, made us a federal nation instead of a regional confederation, and ended slavery.  It also established a unified country which was able to secure dominion over the entire Western Hemisphere.

    A Civil War-less history has continued slavery, American slavery expanded into the Caribbean and South America, and an inevitable war later on as both sides would try to claim lands to the West.

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      There would have been two countries who might have skirmished regarding the West, that's true, but that would have been much less destructive than Civil War.

      As for saving the Union, that is nominally true, but it is a very disunited one. The relationship between Southerners and Northerners is still not good.

      Personally, I believe that the value of "Union" has been highly overrated. I believe that our interests would be better served by a set of smaller nations--and not just two. For example, in the absence of a unified East, who knows what would have happened to the West? Perhaps they would have maintained allegiance to the North or to the South, but perhaps there would have been one or more Western American nations.

      I agree that it is difficult to think about such "sacred" ideas as the Union, the Constitution, Manifest Destiny, and so on, as possibly erroneous.

      I think that the shared origins of the South and the North would have caused there to be very good relations between the two nations, and between other North American nations that might have arisen.

      But let me at least modify what I said by inserting a "may": the decision to go to war to prevent secession may have been one of the greatest mistakes in North American history.

      Greg Shenaut

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