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  •  Wingnutlandia Capital just south (3+ / 0-)
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    Williamson County is one of the reddest counties in America. They are one of the top 5 counties in terms of political dollars given--to the Rethugs.  And it has been this way since about 1970, when it morphed from farms to suburban dwellers fleeing all things urban and scary.  (I am always amused by people from Williamson who tell me they think I'm brave--or crazy--to live in Davidson! My inside sources tell me that realtors down there reinforce this crap.)

    It's sad but true that more working class counties like Dickson and Robertson and Wilson Co. used to be Dem strongholds.  In the past, politicians like Ned Ray McWherter and Al Gore would carry these counties handily.

    But the NRA, religious right, and anti-abortion folks have been busy, busy, busy.  I know one Wilson Co. state legislator who said that "God told her" she had to run for the legislature to end abortion.  It seems that since about 1994, when Gingrich and the Contract for America bunch came in, it's been an uphill struggle for Dems out in the counties. They started electing these wingnuts and getting rid of pragmatic guys like Larry Trail.

    Also in the 1990s in the Clinton years, the Dems became disassociated with issues near and dear to working class voters--such as jobs in America.  I think Clinton was a good president in many ways, but he was definitely a 'free trader" and Bob Rubin definitely made the world safer for Wall Street--as factories closed in TN counties. Another nail in the coffin of Dems down here. They don't much like unions down here, but when unskilled labor jobs leave, there ain't nothing for all this unskilled labor to do.  But watch Fox News.

    •  Susan Lynn? Yeah, she's Michele Bachman crazy (0+ / 0-)

      Tennessee is not really that bad, it's just that crazy rednecks aren't afraid to boldly say wingnut crazy stuff.

      In that sense, Tennessee is very "liberal" - you can say anything you want and make stuff up, and you can hold others to a standard that you don't follow for yourself.  But Tennessee is also a place where dog whistle conservatism is driving a lot of the political discussion.

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