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  •  why would she have not resided in the US (0+ / 0-)

    that's ridiculous.  Because she had a teenage pregancy, that would nullify citizenship?  If so, that's the most ridiculous rule I've ever heard.

    I can see that as a valid rule for immigrant children who might not have lived in the US for part of their youth, but not for persons, like his mother, who were already natural-born citizens.

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      It's my understanding that the rule has since been changed. I don't understand your subject, "why would she have not resided in the US"? She hadn't resided for five years (after age 14) simply because five years had not yet elapsed.

      Anyway, that was the law at that time, and it has since been changed. Perhaps for reasons like the ones you state in your second paragraph. In any case, it doesn't matter, since he was born in the US.

      It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so. — Will Rogers

      by dconrad on Tue Aug 04, 2009 at 10:03:46 AM PDT

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