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    The articles are really interesting. The one on persuasion was fascinating...we're so easily influenced by the media, more than we know even when we're deliberately trying to resist. The power of suggestion...Madison Avenue has this stuff down cold.
    The cash instead of checks or credit cards is very true in my case, I spend far less if I'm only using cash.

    Since I started reading the Frugal Fridays diaries I've noticed small changes here and there in my spending habits, I think twice now. Awareness was the first and most important step for me.
    On the total plus side, I've been cooking much more healthy meals, more salads veggies and fruits. Food isn't going to waste like it sometimes did, I now wait until I have completely  run out of something to re-stock rather than when "running low". e.g. apples. If I only buy two or three, they get eaten right away. Bizarre, eh?
    And imagining the cash in-hand vs. the product is an excellent idea.

    Thanks, great stuff.

    My secret blog"At all costs, let's laugh!"

    by Panda on Fri Jul 31, 2009 at 06:01:25 PM PDT

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