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View Diary: [UPDATED:] OH-Gov:  Kasich reports weak financial numbers (18 comments)

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  •  It's WAY too early for schadenfreude here... (0+ / 0-)

    I hate to be the perennial pessimist, but this news is nothing to get excited about.  We all know that Kasich- as odious as we may find him- is a fundraising machine and a phenomenally skilled politician.  He'll rebound quite nicely and have money to burn by the time that 2010 comes around.  Quite frankly, unless the economy makes a miraculous turnaround, I'll be shocked if Kasich doesn't trounce Strickland at the polls next November.

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      Kasich hasn't been elected to anything since 1998. Does he still have what it takes? Even back then, he wasn't well known outside the Columbus area. He has a shot, but it far from a done deal.
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        I remember the same fretting by progressives all during the 2006 election whenever I wrote a post about polling or fundraising showing huge Strickland advantages.

        OOOoh, but Bush OWES Blackwell.  You just know that he'll get millions from conservatives across the nation for stealing Ohio for Bush... OOOH oooh.

        Or when the debates come around Blackwell will make mencemeat of Strickland and it'll be over.  Blackwell will use the threat of gay marriage or some other silly social issue to scare people over Strickland like taxes.... Ooooh oooh.

        It never happened.

        Fact is that most people have no idea who Kasich is.  None.  That's actually the only reason he's competitive.  When voters hear his silly tax repeal proposal and how weasily he is about it, they'll stick with Strickland.

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