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View Diary: Interview With Thad Wilson, President, American College of Nurse Practitioners (45 comments)

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  •  Here is the study NEJM (0+ / 0-)

    Found the study in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Seems like a reliable source. Check Chart B on page 1 - about 7% of the matches were for primary care.  

    •  I don't see a link to the NEJM article... (0+ / 0-)

      So I can't really comment on what you're saying. I am simply looking at the data from the 2009 match, which clearly shows 46% going into a primary care field: pediatrics, internal medicine or family practice. And that MSNBC article only mentions internal medicine, apparently ignoring family practice entirely (which is the true descendant of the old GP anyway). Regardless, it's patently ridiculous to take the 7% figure seriously, let alone this 2% number you are mentioning now. I still don't see a link to back up that figure.

      I am not disputing that nurse practitioners have a role in our system. I am not even disputing that most of them are probably qualified to be primary care providers for many patients. My main concerns are:

      1. uniformity and adequacy of education
      1. uniformity in licensing standards

      As it stands right now, there are several 100% online only DNP curricula. There is little standardization in curricula across the country. Do you dispute that these facts render many programs inadequate to provide the necessary knowledge-base upon which to build a career being the primary caregiver for a patient?

      Lastly, we should not rush to grant new authority to practitioners solely because a certain area may have a greater need for medical care. Before legislating that new authority comparative studies should be done to determine the safety of NPs as primary caregivers for patients. One study published ten years ago by the person with the biggest conflict of interest is not adequate research. I cannot give you studies showing NPs are unsafe because we really don't know yet, and that's the whole point. Their full autonomy in certain states is still a very new thing.


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