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  •  A true story ... (10+ / 0-)

    When my father was an elementary school teacher, he taught at a school that was on the border of suburbia and land used primarily to grow nurserystock and grapes.

    One day, the school arranged to have a dairy cow brought to the playground so kids could see one up close and learn something about where their food comes from.

    Shortly thereafter, they heard from an angry parent who said, "How dare you tell my child that milk comes from a dirty, filthy cow.  Everyone knows it comes from the grocery store!"

    That was over 40 years ago.  It seems that the disconnect with the natural world has been building for some time.

    •  The elementary school that I attended in the 50's (2+ / 0-)
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      had children who were bused in from the adjacent rural town. One family, who seemed to have a child in every grade, opened their huge farm once in the early Fall and late Spring to the children of the school. This allowed the city kids to see where their food came from and how a farm worked. Every child would get to pick and take home any pumpkin that they could carry. Even back then there were parents who wouldn't sign the permission slips so their child could attend.

      Yesterday I drove by the former site of their huge farm. The old farmhouse and the main barn and stable are still intact but the orchards were withered and acres of corn and grain sown fields lay fallow. All the outbuildings are gone which housed the chickens, hogs, dairy cows, and turkeys. Only one silo remained but I did see several horses in the grazing pasture. The vegetable garden was but a tenth of what it was.

      Homes abut the once narrow road and two housing developments are being nurtured in the former vast hayfields across from the 1800's farmhouse. The town, which half surrounds the city where I still live and had but 3,000 people in 1950, has grown to almost 20,000 today.

      Amazing the Time I waste Here!

      by raster44 on Sun Aug 02, 2009 at 07:18:09 AM PDT

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