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  •  The danger of trying to be a crook in the (0+ / 0-)

    21st Century should be obvious to the modern-day idiot, the danger still escapes their psyche.  The 21st Century crook should know by now that law enforcement and Homeland Security is on top of this entire issue and collecting intelligence.  Forensic scientists and technology is so advanced now that they can determine not only ink, signatures, fake seals, etc. but paper, its components and origin - let alone latent finger prints.  This is a national security issue, and there will be arrests and convictions in the near future.  Like any other crooked enterprise, all one must do is follow the money.  That's where it's going to get interesting, because I can assure you that there are some Republicans in high places who are going to be brought down over this issue.  The average arrogant crook always overplays his hand.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall of law enforcement's intel.  

    •  In truth, arrogant crooks are in both parties. (0+ / 0-)

      Both parties, and their political elites, gain by keeping we the People separated as far as possible, as much as possible -- never forget that.

      If you will permit me to shamelessly promote my own website at The National Online Party, wherein I quote Frederic Bastiat from his seminal work: 'The Law': "For when people's true political aspirations are accurately reflected by their political parties, all will seek the common good."

      We the People will never be able to come together for the common good of all until both parties start reflecting their members' true political aspirations.

      ex animo

      Please go to The National Online Party for more information.


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