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View Diary: How much are the attacks on Obama racial? (55 comments)

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    There are a fairly constant flood of diaries by people who think Obama's health care proposals are too timid, his failure to end DADT contemptible, and his allowance of preventative detention inexcusible.

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      that not very many would be in favor (or admit to being in favor) of a viewpoint on the debate that coincides with those on the right. Sure, you may disagree with many things Obama says only because it doesn't go left far enough.

      •  There are issues (0+ / 0-)

        on which I'm to the right of Obama. For example, I favor school vouchers (though not federally mandated).

        I don't think most of the people here automatically interpret every criticism of Obama from the right as racist. I think they tend to apply that interpretation to the more extreme, inflammatory types of attacks, such as the cries of "socialist," talks about death-care, and comparisons with Hitler. Whether these sorts of attacks are in fact racist is a legitimate question, but they are definitely not civil.

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