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View Diary: Another idea to disrupt the teabaggers/health care protesters (10 comments)

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    grrr, ardyess
    this will only create more noise. But better is to prioritize locals attendees - make the out of the area people wait until all the locals are seated, then admit them. Just add a sign that says, "please seat from the front of the room to the back."

    BTW, you can be clever and tell everyone that no one will be admitted once the meeting starts, but will be, during the break. Then let the screamers start coming in 5 minutes before the meeting starts.

    Oh yes, more signs: no signs, banners, placards, etc. allowed and no sound amplification or noise making devices allowed.

    Cell phone must be turned off or set to silent mode, and no one will be allowed to take a call inside the meeting room.

    Everyone must remain seated during the meeting.

    A decibel meter will be used- anyone shouting or speaking in a louder than normal voice, will be removed.

    There will be a microphone for the audience- all questions will be asked through this device. Any others will be ignored, and disruptive behavior will be cause for ejection. Raise your hand if you have a question, and the chair will recognize you and security will escort you to the microphone.

    Skunks Stink. Republicans Lie. It's their nature.

    by azureblue on Wed Aug 05, 2009 at 05:28:03 PM PDT

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