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View Diary: Why is CNN refusing to air our health insurance reform ad? (170 comments)

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  •  CNN is a surrogate for RNC (3+ / 0-)
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    Years ago, before Bush faked up reasons for the Iraqi war, CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Lou Dobbs were such supporters for this war that I suggested that they join the RNC--and just be honest about who they were and what their affiliations were.

    These men, this channel, is not for this nation.  It is for commercial purposes.  The news is manufactured to achieve commercial success.  They do not care if
    they ruin this nation.

    They want to suck in with their huge, octopus, sponge like arms as many sponsors as possible, and they will say anything, show anything that feeds this huge sponge.

    Do not look for truth or honesty on this station.  They are RNC central.  Totally.

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