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View Diary: White Racists Want Their America Back.   (785 comments)

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  •  Questions that should be asked (2+ / 0-)
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    TomP, ambeeeant

    to begin each townhall meeting.

    1.  How many of you have health insurance?
    1.  How many of your are on Medicare or Medicaid? (A large number will raise their hands)  Good, so you don't have a dog in this fight since you already benefit from government-sponsored health care.

    Now for the zinger--

    1.  How many of you are Christians?

    A large number, everyone probably will raise their hands..
    Good so there is no rational reason for any Christian to be opposed to good health care for everyone in this country.  Jesus would certainly approve!

    I'm not religious but I'll sure use it when it benefits a situation.

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