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    A couple weeks ago I took part in a "telephone town hall" with my Rep Barbara Lee.

    The telephone rang. My partner picked it up. He said it was Barbara Lee's office calling; he listened long enough to figure out what it was but didn't want to take part. I took the phone, curious to see how this would work.

    A voice told me Rep Lee would shortly be speaking to us live and taking questions about health care reform; if I had a question or comment I should press a particular number on the telephone key pad and a staffer would preview my question.

    Lee spoke for a few minutes about the plans in the works and her advocacy for Single Payer - which, though she would continue to fight for it, she knew wasn't going anywhere at this time. I liked all the things she said she was fighting for and I listened to other constituents pose questions (only one person could speak at a time), then decided to ask about one of those things you never hear mentioned - dental. (Why is it your teeth are divorced from the rest of your body in the medical system?) When I got my turn, Rep Lee sighed like it was one of those questions you just hope don't turn up because there's no good answer, but she said in the House plan there was dental coverage for children. Not for adults. Maybe some hope for that down the line ...

    Anyway, I don't know how many people were listening in - I lasted through the whole thing, which was about an hour - but I thought it was a remarkably easy & painless way to get a word in.

    Rep Lee finished by emphasizing the importance of "joining the movement." After all, she didn't need convincing that the goal was important.  

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