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View Diary: Is Max Baucus Writing the White House Bill? (268 comments)

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    I think it is also useful to keep pressure on the progressive caucus.  My prediction is that this is going to play out where you have "centrists" trying to push something like the Baucus bill, and the narrow majority in the House supporting something like the Waxman bill.  At that point, the White House and the grown ups in the Democratic leadership in Congress (Schumer, Durbin, Waxman, Pelosi) will take charge and try to push something through, because any Democrat with a brain knows that passing some kind of HC reform is not only the key to Obama's presidency, it is likely the key to the future of the Democratic Party.  Then it becomes a question not so much of the merits of the bills, but of who is more willing to fold: the centrists or the progressives?  If it is clear that the progressives will carry through on their threat to kill a bad bill, then I think the centrists will fold and we will get something like the Waxman bill, because the Democratic Party grown ups know that we have to have something.

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