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    The dems are the party that has at times, in history, made government more responsive to its citizens and less protective of the wealthy. It behooves corporate America to hold the most slavish party up as the most respectable, and to generally punish the even marginally less slavish party. To do otherwise would confuse those who seek their favor. That's a strategic position so basic that conspiratorial coordination is unnecessary, while it is one that can be modified tactically, as needs be. But they have generally pushed the Dems down and the GOP up (just ask the Clintons).

    Notice, however, that the media is largely silent on the truly undemocratic secrecy and detention policies that Obama has adopted, moves that entrench the authoritarian excesses of the Bush Presidency. It's clear that the more authoritarian Washington becomes, the less responsive it has to be to those without direct access.

    The pushback is enormous.  It almost seems as though he doesn't have enough power to accomplish healthcare in the face of the piles of money being thrown to Congress against it.

    It increasingly appears as if he is delivering something in exchange for those piles of money, and that the "push back" is welcome cover for the trade. The industries will likely grow richer from this tepid reform. Obama and the Blue Dogs that he has consistently favored are protecting the health care status quo rather than challenging it, as this diary demonstrates.

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