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View Diary: Is Max Baucus Writing the White House Bill? (268 comments)

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  •  I've said this: can we trust Baucus? (0+ / 0-)

    I watched him from my living room in Montana.  He is a chameleon.  He blends best, however, into a big-business, Republican atmosphere.

    I can't find any character traits in him I trust although I have tried.

    He is not someone you can just turn over important decisions that benefit the people and say, "Max will take care of us."  He will not.

    He was a HUGE Bush supporter.  He was an Iraq war supporter.  He was so trusted by the Bush camp they did not even have to ask him.

    Please, please don't rely on Baucus.  He will break your heart and this nation.

    The important thing, especially if you are Montanans, please drag your tired "bods" to healthcare reform meetings and tell this Bushie, Baucus, that you want a public option (that means lower prices) and the insurance exchange like Baucus has for himself and his family.  Why should Baucus have what you don't when he does not even represent your best interests?  He is sold, body and soul, to big insurance and Republican business interests.

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