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View Diary: Obama "Open" to Co-ops in Place of Public Option (392 comments)

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    to be a fucking downer, but I hope we are not expecting Obama to do anything but cave. He will sign whatever piece of crap bill comes to his desk. At this point does anyone honestly believe he'd veto? So we can go through this all over again? Right.

    I see this shaking out with the public option being shafted and a quick cave from the Administration, hailing it as a major victory. The battle then shifts to defeat the bill before it gets to Obama's desk.

    The Progressive Caucus is good to sign our letters, whether or not they show spine in the end is another question. Who wants to be blamed for the first chance to pass "meaningful healthcare reform in 20 years"? Even if it's a steaming pile of shit, who is going to step up and take responsibility for killing it? This is why Pelosi was laughing at them last week.

    In the end I blame the American people. A solid 30% of them are fucking loons. It's not just that they're "uneducated". They revel in this shit, they WANT to believe. Like cultists or conspiracy freaks. Trying to get these people aquainted with reality is kind of like trying to convince that poor soul who wanders the streets talking to himself, that the voices in his head are not real. It ain't happening. Not without intensive therapy and heavy medication anyway.

    Any expats want to suggest a nice American friendly country that might make a nice home for an IT guy who can only speak english? I'm beginning to think the juice aint worth the squeezing.

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