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View Diary: Obama "Open" to Co-ops in Place of Public Option (392 comments)

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    polar bear

    Yeah, I got your nonprofit right here:  New Jersey Blue Cross, Blue Shield Horizon, where they spend millions on flying a blimp up and down the South Jersey shore line with their name on the side of the blimp.

    Just prior to having to drastically change employment in my household because we could no longer afford the 25 grand for Horizon non-profit insurance, the few hours I could get to the Jersey shore every summer, while trying to relax and regenerate, I became sick every time I saw that damn blimp, which was often.

    Oh, the employment/job change...  now we're only paying 8 grand a year for employer "provided" health insurance.  Of course many things we need are "re-worked" to the cheaper model, including drugs that don't work.

    And the mantra that people who are getting 5 CAT scans or MRIs that don't need them, I've never met one, including myself who has to fight to even get one, which was turned down.

    Health ins. is antiquated like the typewriter & pager. People don't retire from their 1st job & more people are self-employed. No more $ to CEOs. Inves

    by gooderservice on Fri Aug 07, 2009 at 04:27:37 PM PDT

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