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  •  she was trying to be objective (1+ / 0-)
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    I was a j-school major many decades ago and have a lot of respect for Rachel's professionalism and efforts to be objective and fair to her subjects.

    As to the BS talking points spouted by the guy, I would have preferred more followup when he didn't answer the question and resorted to dissembling.

    e.g. Rachel asked about source of funds, and he said "50,000, blah blah."  I would have followed up with "who are you top 5 funders and the amounts?"

    We can infer that the Koch Foundation(s) are the major funding sources and that the other funding is de minimus by comparison.  

    When the astroturf guys bring up George Soros, they want to muddy the waters. Koch has been funding a plethora of right wing causes - with the distinction that the Koch family personally profits from the outcome, something I don't see Soros doing.

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