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  •  It's neither. YOU guys are the ones that decided (1+ / 0-)
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    to elevate a comment made in a private meeting to WWIII.  Maybe the smarter play would have been to ignore Rahm's comments and let the ad makers themselves either pay heed to his criticism or not.  There was no need for this to dominate Daily Kos.  That it has is just stupid.  Purists are always actively looking for any opportunity to take offense at something.  So for today, that something is a comment made in a private meeting; a comment that we don't even know was really made as described; a comment made targeted at particular ads, not targeted at progressive activists in general.  Yet the purists couldn't wait to jump all over this, elevate it, and then take huge offense, as if Rahm made a nationally televised speech trashing progressive activism as a matter of principle.  The amount of attention paid to this "issue" by Daily Kos is an embarrassment to the site and its members.

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