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View Diary: Morning Feature: The Violence of Privilege (Non-Cynical Saturday) (237 comments)

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  •  White males fading away (9+ / 0-)

    but they're not going without a fight.

    I heard a bit of commentary by some talking pundit last night re: the Sotomayor vote where he noted that the Republicans have already lost the African American vote, trail sharply among women, and now have further alienated Latinos.

    That leaves them as the party of white males, which is only about one-third of the population.  Since this group has historically held most of the power in this country, the backlash is completely understandable.  But they're on the wrong side of history.

    As a caveat, some of my best friends are white males.

    •  The wrong side of history, certainly. (8+ / 0-)

      But that doesn't mean they'll surrender without a fight.  Sadly, those with privilege almost never surrender their privileges voluntarily.

      Good morning! ::huggggggggggs::

      •  I still remember a DKos diary during the primary (7+ / 0-)

        that made me smile...  Someone told the story of her somewhat elderly aunt and her aunt's two friends waiting in line, proudly wearing Obama T-shirts. They talked about how in the sixties the Jews marched with African Americans for civil rights and these proud Jewish women were so excited to vote for a black man for the nomination. A tall, white man was standing next to them in line and he was a Hillary supporter. When it was the aunt's turn to vote, she wasn't allowed in because of her T-shirt. The tall white man came to her rescue and offered his leather jacket to cover her shirt. Each friend took a turn in the jacket so they could cast their vote.

        The niece was waiting outside for her aunt and friends and she talked to the man. She pleasantly commented on his vote for Hillary and he said that no, actually he cast his vote for Barack Obama. He said Obama was going to win and our country was going to elect our first black president -- "and someday, when I have grandkids and tell them about this moment, I don't want to be standing on the wrong side of history."

        It warms my heart whenever I read about someone who gets it -- without a fight!

        Good morning and huggggggs to all!

        "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~ Anne Frank

        by theKgirls on Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 05:59:18 AM PDT

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        •  Thanks for sharing this, Kgirls :) (5+ / 0-)

          I guess I missed the diary, but the story is so inspiring that I'm smiling.  

          Hugggs and good morning to you and the girls.

          "No man is my enemy, my own hands imprison me, love rescue me." -- Love Rescue Me/U2

          by winterbanyan on Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 06:25:05 AM PDT

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        •  Happened in cincicannti (7+ / 0-)

             Upon arriving at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Cincinnati to vote early today I happened upon some friends of my mother’s — three small, elderly Jewish women. They were quite upset as they were being refused admitance to the polling location due to their Obama T-Shirts, hats and buttons. Apparently you cannot wear Obama/McCain gear into polling locations here in Ohio.... They were practically on the verge of tears.

             After a minute or two of this a huge man (6′5″, 300 lbs easy) wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket and Bengal’s baseball cap left the voting line, came up to us and introduced himself as Mike. He told us he had overheard our conversation and asked if the ladies would like to borrow his jacket to put over their t-shirts so they could go in and vote. The ladies quickly agreed. As long as I live I will never forget the image of these 80-plus-year-old Jewish ladies walking into the polling location wearing a huge Dale Earnhardt racing jacket that came over their hands and down to their knees!

             Mike patiently waited for each woman to cast their vote, accepted their many thanks and then got back in line (I saved him a place while he was helping out the ladies). When Mike got back in line I asked him if he was an Obama supporter. He said that he was not, but that he couldn’t stand to see those ladies so upset. I thanked him for being a gentleman in a time of bitter partisanship and wished him well.

             After I voted I walked out to the street to find my mother’s friends surrouding our new friend Mike — they were laughing and having a great time. I joined them and soon learned that Mike had changed his mind in the polling booth and ended up voting for Obama. When I asked him why he changed his mind at the last minute, he explained that while he was waiting for his jacket he got into a conversation with one of the ladies who had explained how the Jewish community, and she, had worked side by side with the black community during the civil rights movements of the ’60s, and that this vote was the culmination of those personal and community efforts so many years ago. That this election for her was more than just a vote ... but a chance at history.

             Mike looked at me and said, "Obama’s going to win, and I didn’t want to tell my grandchildren some day that I had an opportunity to vote for the first black president, but I missed my chance at history and voted for the other guy."

    •  Dear Maryu, (8+ / 0-)

      Dontcha know this is all discrimination toward white males? White males are being decimated by all these know-nothing minorities who have no right to use affirmative action to take away the rightful jobs of white males. That's why white males are suffering so much. Everyone knows white males are privileged, so this dumb affirmative action stuff is hogwash!

      Pat Buchanan

      •  yep, I can relate (7+ / 0-)

        having worked for the (defeated) Equal Rights Amendment for women back around 1979, I've long been made aware of the intense unfairness experienced by white males. Luckily, the ERA failed, so white men have been able to maintain their well-deserved superiority for a few more decades.  But women's wages have moved up about 10 cents since then, so be watch out!

        •  The defeat of the ERA still (6+ / 0-)

          chaps my hide, maryu.  That so many in this country could vote against equal rights is still hard to swallow.  Tells you how strong that sense of white male privilege still was (and is now) that they were willing to vote against equal rights for anyone.

          To this day we don't have equal rights, and out there now before us we see people like us women, people who don't yet have equal rights guaranteed, who are willing to vote against equal rights for others, such as GLBTs.  

          It really angers me to see oppressed classes of people voting for oppression of other classes.  Don't they get it?

          "No man is my enemy, my own hands imprison me, love rescue me." -- Love Rescue Me/U2

          by winterbanyan on Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 06:29:30 AM PDT

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          •  unisex bathrooms (5+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            winterbanyan, MKSinSA, NCrissieB, kktlaw, etbnc

            I was thinking about this yesterday when reading about the wild & crazy scare tactics being used against health care reform.

            One of the most effective tactics that defeated an  ERA admendment to our state constitution (after the defeat of the federal one), was the claim that we would have to use the same public bathrooms as men.

            I actually had this conversation with several women whom I had otherwise regarded as sane, but who were voting "no" based on this. Unbelievable how much change can scare people.

            I've heard this canard more recently in the anti-gay rights propaganda, too.

            BTW, I got an email from NOW a few weeks ago saying that they were thinking about reviving the ratification process for the ERA!

    •  What they're most threatened by is having to (5+ / 0-)

      actually compete, instead of just assume. Because many know at some level that they can't compete, whether they're not qualified or just lazy. And the women who depend on those fading white males for their support feel the same threat.

      It took me an embarrassing number of years to realize that a meritocracy, (which seems the most sensible way to do things), wouldn't be favored by those who lack merit. They do much better under spoils or patronage, where they can jigger the odds.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. The Druid

      by FarWestGirl on Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 08:14:22 AM PDT

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