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View Diary: Morning Feature: The Violence of Privilege (Non-Cynical Saturday) (237 comments)

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      So I start seeing this regular diary on the Rec List called "Morning Feature." It's like the anti-C&J: thoughtful, smart, factual. What's its mission and background?


      Morning Feature began as a set of features---the Kossaku, Kossascopes, and "Ask Ms. Crissie" column---for Kula2316’s Morning Reaction "newspaper." When she and Mr. Kula left Korea to return to the U.S. , I began writing Morning Feature so the Kula Krew would have a place to meet while she was in transit. Either Kula and Mr. Kula are paddling across the Pacific in a canoe or she decided to get a job and  finish her master’s degree and hasn’t time to post a daily diary, but I still give her virtual smoochies in every day’s tip jar.

      Morning Feature’s mission is to invite civil, informed dialogue on political issues, where we can learn from each other and disagree without being disagreeable. Blogistan Polytechnic Institute began as a self-referential joke about how everyone in the blogosphere is an "expert," and grew to be part of the Morning Feature patois. BPI’s motto---Magis vinum, magis verum ("More wine, more truth")---gave birth to our faculty wine cellar library. The rest of the BPI legend grew organically in asides and reader comments.

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