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View Diary: Morning Feature: The Violence of Privilege (Non-Cynical Saturday) (237 comments)

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    Anything that threatens special treatment for a favored family member or friend even when it is fair and in society's best interest is vigorously fought against.

    Insider trading, Legacy places in the best schools and colleges, killing good public education, freedom from taxes for the super-rich and their estates allowing the consolidation of multi-generation de-facto Aristocracy/Oligarchies, weakening any counter balance by unions and other institutions, corruption of election via campaign contributions in spite of all the attempts to control that... control of the media one way or the other and out of control lobbyists....

    The list goes on. Every support and enablement for privilege persists in one guise or another if not right out in the open.

    And this plethora of self justifying, self serving tools and strategies just lead more and more to ignorant self-important people at the top hogging most of the levers and prerogatives of power and leads to more poorly educated people at the bottom with little power or say and many of whom are dupes of the oligarchs who use them as part of their overall mechanism....

    It is the new feudalism. Among those at the top there have always been some wise and dynamic and creative people... they are here partly just by accident just like old aristocracies which also had valuable people who benefited their societies... But the downside is that the rest of the rich and powerful were not much more than damaging parasites making life harder for most and generally getting in the way of progress for their own benefit.

    The all or nothing myths of the elect/heaven's mandate having the right to rule versus extreme leveler ultra commune notions that try to deny any earned and deserved status or wealth.

    But in practice the Grabbers usually win and try to perpetuate their dominance via their heirs. It is sort of natural for nature to reward Alphas... but away from the natural world in our un-natural human society people can create Faux alphas... if your kid is a dud you can still give him or her a much better life if you can hog more that what is fairly yours and ensure they have a fat and happy life regardless of most external realities or what they themselves are capable of doing. The rewards are hogged more and more by the undeserving to the detriment of the entire society.

    Cultures that allow only those that have and their children to dominate, eventually fall apart due to incompetence... That lesson was learned the hard way over and over again. One place that tried to have it's cake and eat it too was Imperial China... which instituted exams for administrative/civil service positions in their government and only allowed the competent to run things... PROVIDED that they were castrated... so no heirs... The eunuchs ran things for the hereditary rich... a very stable system most of the time. Win win for the Emperor and lower aristocracies.

    We have sort of emulated that system but we have allowed our workable if imperfect system of checks and balances to be corrupted by those who gain the most from rigging and neutering it. So the most motivated short-sighted grabbers have far too much say on how to run things... and far too many of them are not too bright or lets say well rounded in their understanding of reality.

    Favoritism and nepotism just lead to ruin eventually.

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

    by IreGyre on Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 07:45:23 AM PDT

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