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  •  the absolute ignorance of it all! (0+ / 0-)

    it does seem those yelling the loudest - the hate-filled, manipulated, lied to citizens attending town hall meetings such as the one shown on RM's show, are seniors who now are receiving both social security and medicare.

    social security and medicare are government run and funded programs where each citizen receives far more back from the government than they contributed into the programs.

    it is unfortunate to say the least, many of these "why should i  pay for you" citizens, when each month they see their social security check deposited into their bank accounts, or when their doctor automatically sends his bill into medicare, they do not think "how does this work?"

    just as we have seen during the long campaign or during the stimulus fight, it is usually the tax payers from the blue states that prop up the red with a crutch!

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