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  •  Just called Durbin's office (2+ / 0-)
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    I identified myself as a progressive Democrat who was profoundly concerned about the news over the weekend that Durbin might agree to a Senate bill that lacked a public option.   Durbin's office confirmed the news, saying that the senator wanted a bill and would compromise if necessary.  The any-bill-is-better-than-none idea.  So I asked why they weren't considering reconciliation instead of the 60 votes.  No response.  The fellow also couldn't say whether Durbin was hoping to get a public option back in the final House-Senate bill.

    I think the problem for many of us is not that we won't consider compromise, but that we believe that this particular compromise will effectively gut real reform.  And give the insurance industry 45 million new captive customers.

    I'm going to keep calling until the deal is done, however it works out.  But this is a test of leadership, and of a Dem majority.

    Isn't it terribly ironic that some apologists for a watered-down bill are citing Ted Kennedy's absence/illness as the reason reform might fail?  As if reconciliation isn't an option?  (to use that loaded word again)

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