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  •  I just started biking again (3+ / 0-)
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    Had a bike sitting in garage for 10 years, at least.  Decided to get it reconditioned and ready to go.  Of course, they told me it would be cheaper to get a new used bike than fix the old one.

    So I sucked it up and did.  And I too (at 56) have started going out on my bike every day I can.  Has been about a month.  I too had had black moods, and boy, it does make a difference seeing things on a different, closer, slower level.  Plus the wind in the face!

    But ugh!  How could I have let myself get so out of shape!  My first time out, I actually fell over trying to get my leg back over the seat at an intersection, then didn't have the energy to get up again!  Amazing how such a simple act can be so comlicated and hilarious!

    Keep at it, despite the "malfunctions".  I would not like anyone to take a picture of me from ahem behind while toddling down the road!

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