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View Diary: Don't Let The Deathers Ask Stupid Questions At Townhalls! (245 comments)

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    You simply refuse to believe that Obama was not just elected by "progressives", he won over most of middle America which enabled him to get elected.

    Here is a newsflash...The battle is lost and you don't know it yet

    We have gone from "Healthcare Reform" to "Healthcare Insurance Reform".

    Instead of having an open, honest debate on how to make healthcare more efficient, Obama has chosen to attack anyone who doesn't follow the party line.

    I submit that this administration is tone-deaf on this issue.

    He is unable to grasp that Americans distrust Washington and do not want to be taken to a place where they do not want to go and be told its good for them.

    In the end, a bill will pass.  It will not reform healthcare in any way, shape or form, but will let the members of Congress pat themselves on the back and say they voted for "reform"

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