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  •  Which is worse? (none)
    It's hard for me to know which candidate is worse, but it seems to me that whichever one Bush is rooting for is probably the worst one.  Am I wrong?
    •  Somewhat (none)
      In this case, Bush is merely rooting for the candidate that will be less pro-Putin. And just because cynical realpolitik interests of Washington or Moscow align certain ways, doesn't mean reasonable people can't end up on one of the sides.
    •  it's not that simple (none)
      Ukraine is a very complicated country with a foreign policy that will always waver between Russia and Europe/US...

      you can get some different views from blogs like these:

      I'm not saying I endorse any of them, just that they have thoughtful views and reports from much closer to the ground. A better way to make up your mind that "I'll take whomever Bush likes least."

      Bush also wouldn't want to be seen with Belarus's leader Lukashenko, and I don't think you'd therefore want to go live in Minsk.

    •  You are right: listen Bush and take opposite view! (none)
      I agreed with you completely: Bush is a great indicator of a WRONG side:
      if he is supporting something then it is wrong thing;
      if he is supporting somebody, then it is wrong person.
      It means that Uschenko is a wrong person to support!
      •  Even a broken clock is right twice a day (none)
        and I'll side with Bush (although it really pains me to do so) rather than with Putin, Lukashenka and all those other folks dedicated to their vision of democracy (sure you can vote....the way we tell you to!)

        Purely through an accident of history, Bush is on the side of the angels--or at least the rest of the free world.  Who would have thought Bush would be in agreement with the EU, Canada, England, et al?

        Havel and Walesa are there supporting the opposition in Kyiv, and they're no pikers when it comes to freedom and human rights, either.

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