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  •  Breast Cancer survival (0+ / 0-)

    Instead of taking a serious look at valid differences between the systems in other countries and the US, anti-reformers waste time using stupid obstruction points as proof why we can't change.

    First, there are positives to the other systems that should not be discarded just because of negatives. Second, if we were having serious discussions, it might occur to some folks that the lower Breast Cancer survival could be influenced by the genetic homogeneity of the British people, i.e. genetic predispositions to more virulent forms of cancer, compared to the wide variety of both homogeneous and heterogeneous populations in the US rather than something inherent in their health care system.

    PROlong LIFE with affordable & effective Health Care for all.

    by Belle Ame on Wed Aug 12, 2009 at 04:22:07 PM PDT

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