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View Diary: Why End of Life Counseling is Imperative (256 comments)

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  •  I'm a nurse with a special interest in EOL care (5+ / 0-)

    EOL = end of life

    The short story is that the dying are not nearly as well-served by our health care system as they should be.

    And 'the dying' happens to include every one of us.

    The horror story is that our culture avoids any discussion of death, and that avoidance often leads to prolonged pain and suffering.

    It's essential for each of us to discuss our values and wishes before there's a crisis that cuts off the conversation. I recommend this tool as a wonderful way to get the conversation started.

    The good news is that maybe, just maybe, all of this foolish talk about 'death panels' will get people thinking about this essential matter in a more rational way.

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