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  •  Better if Both Atty and Dr Help Client/Patient (0+ / 0-)

    Also, a lawyer is not qualified to help a person make medical decisions, or to write medical orders for care and/or treatment.

    You can create a health care directive without either, but it won't be as good as it otherwise might be.

    It is intended to be a legally binding document (binding on the health care providers that know about it - it can always be revoked by the patient).

    But it also is intended to give both general principles as well as very specific particulars (if the patient so desires.)

    So one of the best ways to do this is have both involved.  A lawyer to help introduce the concept, interview the client and create a draft.  The draft should then be taken to the person's family doctor and they should go over it.

    During this dicussion, the Doctor should explore any questions or ambiguities he sees, raise other hypotheticals to test and clarify what is written and help amend anything that brings the document closer to what the patient wants.

    This last step is probably not reimburseable right now under many insurance policies or Medicare - thus the proposed amendment.

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