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    required by Medicare. Medicare requires facilities to ask if the patient has advanced directives and to offer them infomation if they don't. It is necessary anyway since the hospital would need a copy to be able to carry it out.

    The physicians are likely to bring up another counseling session if there is a change in the person's condition, a new diagnosis, etc. I think they have every right to let their patients know that this is as much a part of their responsibility as ordering a colonoscopy regularly. They are the person who makes decisions about orders that need to be written. It is the physicians practice and conscience that are significantly affected and for a patient to refuse is grounds for the physician to notify them they must find another doctor.

    As we age, the issue becomes more and more apart of our health care.

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    by Ginny in CO on Thu Aug 13, 2009 at 11:38:05 AM PDT

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