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View Diary: Beware of Chef Boyardee: GOP Companies revealed (UPDATE: Holiday Boycots?) (233 comments)

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  •  Another reason to boycott Orville's (4.00)
    is that their popcorn is genetically modified/engineered.  If you look at their label, they've trademarked the actual popcorn itself.  

    I quit buying it a few years ago because of this.

    •  Dang (none)
      Maybe I'll just throw that box away now!

      They make the weather then they stand out in the rain and say `SHIT, it's rainin!' Renee Zelweger, Cold Mountain.

      by TXsharon on Mon Nov 29, 2004 at 02:11:02 PM PST

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    •  asdf (none)
      Not all of us would agree with that sentiment.  

      Yet another thing that creeps me out about Whole Foods is their passionate, informed absolutely  irrational opposition to any gen mod  products at all.  
      As with some of the nuclear plant angst, at a certain point it becomes technophobia. . . 21st century people.  

      •  I will back you up on this (none)
        It isn't GMO as a concept that is wrong, it's the way Monsanto et al. went about it. They destroyed their own category in their overpowering greed. Idiots!

        GMO has the potential to fix much of what ails the world and support a population of a few billion comfortably and sustainably. Without GMO, sustainability will be a lot further off (or a lot less population).

        Rage against the truth as much as you want. Knock yourselves out.

        Trademarking/patenting popcorn varieties doesn't require recombinant DNA technology. I haven't read that Redenbacher is GMO, but it may be. A citation is in order here.

      •  oh, come on (none)
        it doesn't make me some kind of Luddite just because I'm concerned about the integrity of our food supply!  No, I won't feed my kids foods that include genetically engineered ingredients for the simple reason that I have yet to be convinced they're completely safe.  If in the future it turns out that they're not only safe but the answer to world hunger, then I'll be very happy to endorse them.  But until that day, I'll be serving up good ol' organic stuff.  Because frankly, the last people I trust to tell me the truth about our food supply are Big Agriculture.

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