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View Diary: Beware of Chef Boyardee: GOP Companies revealed (UPDATE: Holiday Boycots?) (233 comments)

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    I worked for 20 years in the data processing field - systems programmer/applications programmer/analyst - for financial services.

    To help people be maximally effective with the minimal effort on their part will allow us to target companies in an organized and TIMELY fashion.

    We need a system that allows people to plug in different types of preformatted letters to an email-ready "envelope".

    The less key strokes for volunteers to hit the better - that way we can be FAST and REactive.

    So it will require people to write stock letters (of different types) and relay them, on signal, to a particular TESTED destination.- we don't want 100,000 undeliverables.

    We also need different levels of stock letters e.g.

    a) soliciitation
    b) confrontative
    c) alert
    d) feel the pain day
    e) we can keep this up
    f) surprise, surprise we still don't like you
    g) thank you - we are grateful and watchful


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