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View Diary: Beware of Chef Boyardee: GOP Companies revealed (UPDATE: Holiday Boycots?) (233 comments)

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  •  As an ex-marketing executive, (4.00)
    I think a boycott of selected companies could be effective if done properly.

    The company I worked for last had a PAC that donated most of its money to Republicans. Why? Our CEO and CFO believed Republicans were good for creating legislation that benefited the business, and good for helping to defeat legislation that could cost the company money. They could care less about anything else Republicans stand for - no social conscience at all. Sadly, this is most companies.  

    Rule #1 - making money is the key (losing money is bad).

    The biggest beneficiary (it was a PA company) of the PAC was Sen. Santorum, followed by Sen. Specter. But the company was pretty hush-hush about it - our CEO used to say that our customers weren't red or blue, they were green (as in greenbacks).

    Rule #2 - except for wingnuts like Sinclair, most companies don't want to be seen as partisan - it is bad for business because it might alienate customers (see Rule #1).

    So, a boycott might just work - at least in getting executives to think twice about how much of their money goes to Rethuglicans - they may want to spread it around at least a little so as to avoid scrutiny. This hurts Republicans.

    But in order for boycotts to work:

    A) They have to know you are doing it and why -otherwise they may just think competitors are kicking their butts for a variety of reasons. Unless you are on the phone to them, they don't know you exist.

    B) You gotta make it hurt - enough people have to boycott a particular company so that they feel the only pain a company is able to feel - the wrath of Wall St when earnings fall short of expectations.

    This argues for picking one company at a time and going after them full-force. Avoiding a bunch of companies without any collective action or voice might make you feel better, but won't accomplish much else.

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