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View Diary: US Christians Face Judgment by Christ - a sermon (176 comments)

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  •  I rejected Christianity (4.00)
    when I was just 8 or so, because I saw them (Christians) as being hypocritical. I worked as a dancer in the Crystal Cathedral's procuction of the Glory of Christmas and Easter for 5 years as a young adult. During the shows I listened to parts of the bible 3 times a night multiple times per week, and grew to respect Christ's words. The only problem is that the actions of the church and the words of Christ were polar opposites, namely the greed part. Since then I have studied more of the bible and also delved into some eastern religions, but the hypocrisy of almost all of the Christians I've ever met have kept me out of churches my entire life. Your sermon has made me feel glad that there are Christians out there (like you)who are not like all those that I've met before. I hope more like you come forward soon, and loudly because the Christian right really does give Christianity a bad face. I may not be a Christian in the traditional sense of the word, but I certainly embrace the words of Christ and try to live by them as best as I can. I've felt badly that hate and greed were what many Christians were embracing. It has made me feel more than ever that our country was moving in the wrong direction, but after reading your sermon I feel hopeful that if Christians like you will start speaking up, the country can move forward again.

    it's the corporations, stupid!

    by Pier1 on Mon Nov 29, 2004 at 07:01:14 PM PST

    •  You're a Christian (none)
      in the ways that matter. I say that speaking as a Vatican II Catholic, not a Mel Gibson heretic.

      But I don't mean to force the label on you. Labels don't matter. I could care less whether you feel like wearing the label at any particular time. There's only one thing that counts: did you love?

    •  A convention I attended (none)
      paid my way to a Crystal Cathedral Easter performance back in '96. I'm no Schuller fan, but I'll never forget those flying angels.

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