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View Diary: What the Teabaggers Are Really Freaking Out About (19 comments)

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    •  We could try to talk reason to the TeaBaggers or (10+ / 0-)

      we could just send them this petition:
      I Pledge to Deny Myself Medicare for Life!  Let's get all our lazy bums off the government dole!  Humor will save the day!

    •  That's great Josh (1+ / 0-)
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      But it's still too long and complicated.  Obama's gonna murder your Grandma is 5 words, and that's all it takes.  After saying, "No, he isn't," we need to explain what this is all about in no more than 25, anyway. It's not that easy, actually -- but we have to keep working at it.

    •  IMHO, we should put the health insurance... (0+ / 0-)

      ... industry out of business.  There are enough forced insurances to pay anyway.  Mandated by state law:  car insurance.  Then there's homeowner's insurance for those who are buying a house.

      Et cetera.

      The corporate bastards are going to make a fortune anyway.  Our health is not theirs to mess with and profit from.  All other countries consider decent health care a right (not a privilege for the rich), which is why it's provided free of charge (as well as prescriptions, dental and eye care, although some charge a small fee that even most poor people could pay; still, if a person is really destitute, even that small fee is waived).  Yes, their tax base is high, but no one ever has to sit at home, ill, and refuse to call a doctor or go to an ER because they don't have the money or because more medical fees will bankrupt them.

      What insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations have done to us is criminal.

      Why the fear of "socialized medicine"?  It's built in to VA and Medicare programs, so part of this nation already has "socialized medicine" programs.  Duh.  The exception would be that now one must get supplemental insurance to help with whatever Medicare does not cover because there are no cost controls on medical professions (and they make huge profits!), or else the senior citizens or disabled must ask their local county social services for help with additional medical bills that Medicare doesn't cover (a weekend at the hospital runs well into five figures, more if ambulance or helicopter rides are necessary), and Medicare Part D - forced upon seniors and disabled people by federal law, it's all about insurance for prescription medications, and I defy anyone to actually comprehend what the bill says; even the insurance companies don't know and they wrote the damned legislation!  Part A is paid for (in theory) when we're still working, and Part B Medicare is deducted from Social Security benefit payments like a payroll deduction.  (Yes, I am a senior citizen and disabled so I now know how this stuff works.)

      The US will never, ever have a decent health care program where everyone is covered until/unless our spineless chickenshite Congress Critters get up enough courage to kick ALL corporations out of our government.  Period.

      Whatever passes in the next few months/years will not be good enough....

      Meanwhile, the lying war criminals no one wants to talk about walk around free, no one has held them accountable for their lies or war crimes..., and even the illegal, unjustified, unconstitutional, immoral, unethical, dishonorable wars continue or are ramped up in troop strength, and drone bombing in another country has been sanctioned, the torture prisons are still open (even if not technically torturing people any longer, the prisoners are still being held illegally)... and all for what?  To protect the oil wells or the oil pipelines in those regions for the US oil corporations.  They are using our public taxpayer-funded military for private corporate uses, and our idiotic Congress Critters are supplementing those numbers by hiring mercenaries from Xe/Blackwater, Halliburton-DynCorp-KBR & other mercenary outfits.

      Tell me, how does that "benefit" any of us...?  The health care "problem" is easily solved by going to a Medicare-type of system (WITHOUT medical, insurance, and prescription corporations).  But while all the politicians are droning on about nonsense like 'death panels' which are totally false (why does anyone ever listen to, or repeat, any incomprehensible idiotic word that comes out of Palin's mouth; she's not even in politics any longer!), holding all the lying war criminals accountable continues to fall by the wayside.

      We're being played along by politicians who get corporate media to talk about only the latest bright shiny object (today it's health care, and I'm bored with the subject now, 'cuz the answer is so obvious) so any possible statutes of limitations runs out on war crimes... and if they delay and delay and delay and delay, they can make it through the next eight years by not holding Georgie and Dickie and their evil minions accountable.  Media hyperbole incites and infuses people to hysterics and everyone gets their knickers in a knot over health care and the lying war criminals continue to thumb their noses at us, and the illegal war and torture goes on.

      And here I thought we voted for a constitutional scholar... or, at least someone who vowed to bring back constitutional principles....  Riiiiiiiiiiiiight....


      by NonnyO on Fri Aug 14, 2009 at 12:43:30 PM PDT

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