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View Diary: Compelling: Ohio recount: Stealing votes in Columbus-- INVESTIGATE DAMSCHRODER (166 comments)

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  •  Previous post had answer (4.00)
    I wish I had the link (I don't) but a while back someone posted on the "number of machines at precinct" scam. It works like this:

    Demographics show need for 6 machines at a certain precinct in order to allow 65% of registered voters to vote.

    When polls are open, only two machines are present. One is non-functioning and needs to be fixed.

    At 12:00 the second machine is up and running.

    At 2:00 a third machine is delivered.

    At 4:00 a fourth machine is delivered.

    At 6:00 a fifth and final machine is delivered.

    When the count of machines at precinct is logged at 6:30, five machines are reported at precinct, one less than required by demographic models at theoretical 65% turnout.

    In the final report it looks like the precinct was short machines by about 15%.

    In reality, assuming 1 machine X 12 hours equals 1 full time machine we have:

    • 1 machine full time
    • 1 machine 2/3 time
    • 1 machine 1/2 time
    • 1 machine 1/3 time
    • 1 machine 1/6 time
    = 2 2/3 full time machines, or short by roughly 55%.

    And all of this supposes turnout at 65%. Supposing that some of these preceincts saw as much as 70% or 75% turnout just magnifies the problem even more.

    That's why the line-ups were so long.

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    by thingamabob on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 07:23:17 AM PST

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    •  Exactly the scam in Ohio (none)
      I saw this also, they reported the "number of machines at the end of the day" at each precinct.

      The exciting part is if we can tie the Chimp directly to Katherine Blackwell this may finally give us something to charge him with.

      Of course Rehnquist is still on ice or life support, waiting to croak out "Bu...ssh" to any election challenge.

      •   OT: Maybe the Chief Justice has mellowed some (none)
        after doing medical marijuana to relieve the cancer pain and alleviate the cachexia.

        Maybe he has come to his senses and will go with his conscience this time about Bush, as Rehquist prepares to meet his maker.

    •  This happened in my Columbus precinct (none)
      I was working in 6-C, and I was frankly quite surprised to see ward 6 as number 10 in the list of wards with the most number of machines. We started with 3 machines (with an average of 200 votes per hour total--not per machine). At 8 pm, half an hour after the polls closed, an extra machine mysteriously arrived. Even with that the last voter didn't finish until after 10 pm.

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      by megs on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 08:08:37 PM PST

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