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View Diary: Compelling: Ohio recount: Stealing votes in Columbus-- INVESTIGATE DAMSCHRODER (166 comments)

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  •  I just received an URGENT email (none)
    regarding the recount in Ohio.  Delaware County is challenging this recount tomorrow in court.  If Delaware wins, there may not be a recount at all.  If any of you can make it to Delaware (near Columbus, Ohio), please do.  Here is the email:

    We need as many people as possible to attend this court hearing to show support for the Vote Recount!  This MUST be STOPPED!

    The hearing for the permanent injunction hearing regarding the Delaware County Vote Recount is TOMORROW!!!
    Wednesday ---  December 1, 2004 at 12 p.m.
    at the Delaware County Courthouse
    91 North Sandusky Street
    Case # 04CVH11827

    Judge W. Duncan Whitney will hear the case, on the second floor of the Courthouse.  The website for the Courthouse is

    The reason this is URGENT is that it is imperative that the Delaware County Board of Elections and their legal council,
    Republican County Prosecutor David Yost follow the State Of Ohio statutory rules and recount the vote.  Yost calls this "a waste of
    money".  I ask... how can verifying a questionable vote total be a waste of money, particularly when the recount has already been paid for by the Libertarian and Green party candidates and endorsed by the Democratic Party?
    David Yost commented "that a recount would be a futile exercise".  This is clearly untrue.  Since Bush's narrow 1% lead is shrinking day by day as voting tabulation errors are being
    discovered, and as large numbers of provisional and absentee ballots are being counted.  As the lead shrinks, the potential for an
    automatic vote recount increases.  This could trigger an automatic statewide recount by Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.  So at
    this time not only are the two presidential candidates calling for a recount, but the state is very likely to need to follow statutory
    rules and do a recount regardless.  If the permanent injunction they seek to get on December 1st goes through.  There will be NO
    RECOUNT for any reason.

    The biggest issue here is that Delaware County could set legal precedent here, if they don't recount, other counties may not recount.  Maybe everything went fine in Delaware, maybe not?  We know that there are hundreds of notarized affidavits and thousands of reports of vote irregularities and cases of vote intimidation.  

    What if these counties also choose not to do a recount.  Delaware cannot be allowed to not recount.  If Ohio counties don't recount, other
    states and their counties could also be effected.  Ohio, Alabama, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Nevada are all getting a recount.

    Please show up at the Delaware County Courthouse on Wednesday, and bring a car load of friends with you!

    If you have questions please contact Paddy Shaffer at

    Directions: From Columbus, go north on State Route 23.  Get off on Sandusky Street exit  (this is the south side of town)and go north
    into town.  It is approx. 1½  to 2 miles down the road.  You will pass Rt. 36 and Rt. 37.  It will be on the left side, on the corner
    of Rt. 37 and N. Sandusky Street.  

    •  Please report on this tomorrow... (none)
      I have a prior appointment, otherwise I would be there myself.
    •  Tell them (none)
      That we will decide what to do with our money, thank you very much.

      Talk about frivolous lawsuits. Jeez. The scariest part is they might actually win.

      Resuscitate investigative journalism! Reality-Based does NOT mean investigations are wrong - it means investigations are essential.

      by nephalim on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 01:22:43 PM PST

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      •  According to Blackwell... (none)
        ...a statewide recount will cost $1.5 million.

        That's about 14 cents for each man, woman, and child in the state.

        Granted, the state isn't exactly flush with cash - as a state employee who hasn't received a pay increase in three years, I'm acutely aware of this fact - but I think we can afford this.

        •  Yeah, (none)
          He'd be underestimating us if he thought that would put the nail in the coffin.

          Resuscitate investigative journalism! Reality-Based does NOT mean investigations are wrong - it means investigations are essential.

          by nephalim on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 01:55:59 PM PST

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    •  I don't get it (none)
      All these lawsuits so far have been about having the recount before the results are certified, right?  Isn't this the same thing?  I'm confused.

      What I mean is that other lawsuits have been filed asking for recounts before the results have been certified, and the lawsuits have been thrown out.  And my understanding is that that is no big deal, because recounts normally happen after the results are certified anyway.  It's like a prerequisite.  

      Are you sure it's not just that, and not a lawsuit outlawing any recount whatsoever?

    •  Contact Judge Whitney's office (none)
      Thanks for this. Please post as a diary so that people can see it and we can recommend. Also, I did a little Googling on Judge Whitney who seems like a really decent man. Here's his office contact info:

      W. Duncan Whitney.
      Judge, Court of Common Pleas, General Division
      Second Floor
      The Delaware County Courthouse
      91 North Sandusky Street
      Delaware, Ohio 43015-1795
      Telephone: (740) 833-2530
      Facsimile: (740) 833-2529

      •  Yikes, W. Duncan Whitney is a Republican (none)
      •  I've emailed (none)
        the judge and a member of the county dem party executive committee to see if they can suggest anyone else I could email to.

        To the judge:

        Judge Whitney,

        It is my understanding that you are presiding over a hearing today, December 1, 2004, to consider a permanent injunction regarding a recount of the 2004 presidential election poll.  Please know that I join many concerned Americans from across the country who want the election results to be validated.  
        As a non-resident, I know I am asking for something that won't hurt my pocketbook, but I feel justified in asking, for I feel that leaving our presidential election unverified will hurt our entire country much more.  Please allow the recount.


        Maybe others could contact him?

        •  My letter to Judge Whitney (none)
          Dear Judge Whitney:

          I understand you will be presiding over a hearing at which the Delaware County Board of Elections will attempt to excuse itself from recounting the county's ballots in last month's presidential election.  As a citizen of the state of Ohio and of the United States of America, I ask that you rule against the Board on this matter.

          Ohio law provides that candidates may request a recount if the appropriate fees are paid.  Mr. Badnarik and Mr. Cobb have complied with the law, and there is no reason to deny their request.  Secretary of State Blackwell has stated that a statewide recount would cost $1.5 million, which works out to about 14 cents per Ohio resident.  The money can be considered an investment in the public's confidence in the electoral system.  Many irregularities have surfaced since Election Day, and the public has good reason to be skeptical of the process.  Only a thorough audit of every facet of the election - including a recount of the votes - will restore the public trust in this vital aspect of American government.

          While it is possible that we disagree as to which candidate is best suited for the presidency, I'm sure we agree that elections should be conducted efficiently, impartially, and transparently.  I request that you order the recount to proceed in Delaware County.    

          Thank you.

          Columbus, Ohio

    •  please make it a diary! (none)
    •  The Court Hearing has been cancelled (none)
      I have received word that the court hearing scheduled for today has been cancelled and it is moving to the federal court.  The Kerry/Edwards Campaign are joining in on this case.  The Washington Post article is here:
      "Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight To Get Ohio County to Recount"
      but it does NOT confirm that the case in Delaware scheduled for today has been cancelled and moved to the federal court so please keep an eye out for it to see if is true.  It just mentions in the last paragraph that Cobb requested the case be moved to Federal Court. There is another diary in the recommended diary list regarding this WP article.

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