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View Diary: Trippi Op-Ed in the WSJ: Yes. Yes. Yes! (276 comments)

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  •  Joe Trippi is a Jedi (none)
    •  So was Darth Vader. (none)
      Trippi was so bad in the Dean campaign, he didn't even get picked up by a Senate or Governor campaign when he and Dean split. Trippi flat out stunk. Local grassroots organizing wasn't Trippi's idea. The Perfect Storm to replace local grassroots efforts with a sea of unskilled energy was Trippi's idea. That and meet-up people writing letters to Iowa and NH instead of taking that time for training meet-up people how to be effective local organizers.
      •  You just don't "get it"... (none)!
        •  Get what? (none)
          That Joe Trippi stole the credit for what Dean volunteers set up before Trippi even joined the campaign? Trippi didn't come up with the blog idea, meet-ups, or online orgainizing. Regular guy Dean supporters did. All three were so successfully launched before Trippi camne on board that Trippi appropriated all three, and then tried to lie and pretend they were his ideas.

          Trippi didn't even come up with the bat. That was from a web designer in the Burlington office.

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