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  •  Come on, Dems, you are catching up (3.50)
    There are amazingly well-informed and well-spoken comments on this site. (I'm a fairly new Kos reader). It is inspiring. After getting beat up and demoralized a little bit more, after some additional experience of being cheated and scorned, it may happen that discussion by rank-and-file Dems will catch up with the real issues, the ones RALPH NADER has been speaking about for years. You know, the ones the DLC would not let you think about.

    At that point, you will see a renewed passion, because then the Dems can finally join forces with hardened fighters they have stabbed in the back. I despise Dems for making Nader into a bad name. I voted kerry, but I wanted to HEAR Nader. <shaking fist at dems>

    •  no kidding (none)
      the winning ideas are Nader's ideas and all the stuff he's done in the name of strengthening our democracy that should be core Democratic principles but aren't because of the DLC's "non-redistribution" let-the-market-fix-it.

      i knew the party was in trouble when Wes Clark, explaining why he was a Democrat, just ticked off a series of policy positions: "I'm pro choice, pro-environment, pro-labor, Pro-affirmative action," and i was like shit. that won't convince anyone. ask someone why they're a Republican and you get "I believe in smaller government and less taxes as a way to ensure liberty and freedom and a stronger defense that protects America." which vision is the more compelling one?

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