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View Diary: Trippi Op-Ed in the WSJ: Yes. Yes. Yes! (276 comments)

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  •  Trippi's a Loser (2.00)
    Ok, all of this pontificating from a Presidential Campaign Manager who wouldn't leave Vermont during the Iowa Caucuses.  He couldn't even win one state!  I'm sick of the Monday morning quarterbacks who are all talk.  When this guy wins something, get back to me.
    •  Substitute Carville or Brazile or any of the other (4.00)
      ... claimed "geniuses" of our team's political strategy set and your point would be just as valid.

      MOst of the folks currently considered "star consultants" on our team cut their teeth with Bill Clinton as a candidate.

      There aren't enough Bill Clintons to go around.

      Trippi made mistakes and so have the rest of those folks.

      Bob Shrum, anybody?

    •  Wrong. (none)
      Trippi was in Iowa during the caucuses.

      It helps if you get your facts straight.

    •  Have to agree (none)
      Kind of sick of hearing "We need a new approach!  you have to tend the base!  You have to organize!  You must listen to the real people in the trenches!  We invented internet fundraising!"

      Pop quiz -- a few minutes after reading the Trippi post (and thanks Joe for choosing the WSJ -- great way to reach Democrats) how many useful insights into issues and vital themes can you recall Joe having made?  What were they?

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